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Portuguese Soup

December 18th, 2010 at 01:47 pm

I got the Mother Earth News magazine from the library a couple weeks ago and copied thier recipe for
Caldo Verde: Portuguese-Style Kale and Potato Soup. I thought it was pretty good and very easy. I made about half the recipe. I added a can of chicken broth for some of the water. Here's the link to the recipe if anyone is interested.


My parents, sister, niece and I went to look at some really nice townhomes this morning. Sister has had house for sale for two months now with no lookers even. She's looking to move once her house sales, but wants to stay in same school district. I told her about these and suggested she get a townhome for her next house, since she doesn't have the time, ability or money to manage a yard and the outside of the house. They had the master bedroom and office on the main floor and then two/three bedrooms downstairs. 3000 + sq feet and around $350K, which is a little high for her in my opinion. She should stay under $300K when it's just her paying all the bills. They have some smaller ones, but no models. They were super nice with lots of storage, big closets and 2 car garage, plus a great view of the mountains. It's a great price for what they are.

My mom is really interested in downsizing to something like that in about 5 years when hopefully housing prices are back up a bit.

I finished reading my book The Dolphins of Pern by Anne McCaffrey. Sci/Fi - very good.

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  1. Single Guy Says:

    Wow, does that bring back memories. I lived there for 3 years, and every day at lunch, it was that soup with bread, and then an entree. After a while it grows on you. Not sure how nutritious it is, but you don't get fat with it, thats for sure.

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