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girl toys are expensive

December 8th, 2010 at 01:38 pm

Since I got several hot wheels to donate for xmas at the food pantry, I wanted to get some toys for girls to even it up so I went to Walmart this morning. I planned to spend $50 on toys and spent $50.84 with taxes. That's pretty close.

It was hard finding girl toys for about $5 though. Lots of them for $10 and up, but not very many under $10, or if they were I wasn't impressed by them. I saw lots more boys toys that I thought were neat and cheaper. I ended up with the following.

4 Polly Pockets - 5.88 each
4 boxes of crayons - 1.18 each
3 coloring books - 1.00 each
1 crayola special marker fairy coloring thingy - $5.00
2 lego kits to build a helicopter and a truck - $5.44 each
3 Pictureka card games - $5.00/each free after $5.00 coupons.

I also have 2 Monopoly card games, a Scrabble card game and a Connect 4 game that I got free or very cheap earlier this year to donate.

I got some food items to donate too:

12 cans Swansons chicken broth @ .50/each - 3 coupons $1/4 = $6.00 or .25/each

8 cans Green Giant corn @ .60/each - 2 coupons $1/4 = $2.80 or .35/each

I got 2 bags of popcorn kernals, a large check file organizer, and 80 Hefty garbage bags for me. I got a really cute set of 4 erasers in the shape of fries, a burger, a coke drink and an ice cream cone for my younger niece, they were only $1. She collects erasers.

Subway is having a deal on their 6" meatball subs this month - only $1.99. I got one and a bag of chips and used up the last of the Subway card that I got for xmas last year. I ended up paying .50 out of pocket. Total $3.25

Mom's having youngest niece spend the night with her for 3 nights while sister is out of town on business. So she invited me over to have dinner with them last night. Steak, baked potatoes, corn, garlic bread and brownies for dessert. Yum!

I finished reading the library book Demon Blood by Meljean Brook. Paranormal - very good.

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