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selling stock

December 6th, 2010 at 12:31 pm

I sold $10,000 of my small-cap stocks today. I needed to sell the stock for living expenses for the next few months. These stocks have gone up almost 19% in the last year and I need to rebalance my accounts so it was a good time to sell.

The stocks were from an IRA, but since I had over $9000 in medical expenses I won't have a very large 10% early withdrawl penalty, maybe a $100. And since I don't have enough income to pay taxes on I won't owe income taxes - or at least that's the plan right now. When I do my taxes I hope the numbers I've figured in my head are right Smile

So far I am over expected expenses for the year by 3 or 4 thousand due to unexpected medical expenses. But I'm fortunate that even so I have the money to cover those expenses.

I went to Walgreens this morning and got 6 small Snickers xmas trees. They were 3 for a $1. I had a coupon for $2/3 so they were free except for the .06 cents in taxes. 1 penny each. I have some more coupons so will have to do this again later this week.

I went to King Soopers and didn't do as well as I expected to on my grocery trip. Some of my coupons were for the wrong products than the sale products so not as good a deal as expected. I did get another $25 added to my card for refilling another prescription. I've gotten over $200 in free groceries now from those. The prescription cost $7.32 - the groceries were free after using my prescription coupons.

I got the following stuff as well as milk, bananas, and potatoes. I spent $21.20 after coupons and that was paid with the prescription coupon. I did one Mega deal - buy 10 items get $5 off.

2.38 - 2 doz eggs
-1.00 - .50 q doubled

1.46 - 1 can Pringles
-.50 - Mega deal discount

8.97 - 3 loaves Pepperidge Farm whole wheat bread
-2.40 - 3 .40 q's doubled
-1.50 - Mega Deal discount
5.07 - I got a coupon for $3 on your next order because I bought 3 of these

1.79 - no boil lasagna noodles
-.50 - mega deal discount
1.29 - I have a new recipe I want to try out

2.00 - 2 pouches Idaho potatoes
-1.60 - 2 .40 q's doubled
.40 - food pantry donations

2.97 - 3 Bumbleebee tuna pouches
-1.65 - 3 .55 q's
-1.50 - Mega deal discount
.18 profit

3.56 - 4 Milky Way simply caramel candy bars
-2.00 - 2 .50/2 q's doubled
1.56 (.39/each)

2.00 - 4 Butterfinger snackers
-1.00 - 2 BOGO q's
1.00 (.25 each)

1.00 - 1 Hamburger Helper
-.70 - 1 .35 q doubled
.30 - food pantry donation

1.49 - 1 Krusteaz chocolate chip cookie mix
-.50 - coupon
-.50 - Mega deal discount
.49 - food pantry donation

1.00 - 1 chapstick
-.50 - Mega deal discount
.50 - if I had known I had the wrong coupon I would have got another tuna to make up my 10 items for the Mega deal instead of this. I alway get chapstick for free and wouldn't have paid for it. But once you are in line and checking out it's a little late to figure things out Smile

I got several samples in the mail today. Folgers coffee, 1 Aleve tablet, and a package of Lawry's chicken seasoning mix.

I finished reading the library book Ghost of a Chance by Simon R. Green. Sci/Fi - ok I like his other series much better.

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