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December 2nd, 2010 at 12:26 pm

My dad and I went to my brother's house for another 3 hours yesterday to clean out cabinets and stuff. They found out he died on Thanksgiving day, which is very sad for my dad, since now every year that holiday will be tainted.

I dropped a bunch of food and toys off at the food pantry today. They were very busy.

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to use their 15% off coupon. I wanted a new coupon holder since that's what I use to hold my food pantry donation receipts. They didn't have any, but they had restocked on the mushrooms that were on sale last week for .39/each. I got 3 cans and with my 15% off it came to .99. I used a .99 cent RR from Thanksgiving day, so they were free.

I ran several errands this morning. First stop Staples. They have their battery deal on again this year. Buy 20 ct AA or AAA Duracell batteries and get the entire price refunded. 2 per week. I got 1 of each size. Each package also came with a free small Tide to Go pen.

12.99/each = 25.98 + 2.05 taxes = 28.03
I had 2 $1.50 coupons which lowered the price to 25.03. I will get back a check for 25.98 making a profit of .95 cents. I will use the check to buy ink, which I buy at Staples anyways. I donated the batteries to the food pantry xmas drive for toys.

I also had a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $25 from Office Depot which I used at Staples to buy a cartridge of red ink. The batteries made my cost over $25 so the ink only cost 4.99. I used the discounted gift card I got at Plastic Jungle. I need another one of those since I used mine up now.

Kohl's sends me a $10 gift card several times a year and I got one this week. I don't like to shop at Kohl's because their 'sale' prices are what everyone else's normal price is, so it feels like they are trying to trick you. For example, the Hasbro card games are about $5.50 at Target or Walmart. Kohl's had them on 'sale' for $5.99, regular price $9.99. What a ripoff. But using the $10 gift card I can usually find something for free or almost free. Today I found 2 sets of 5 Hot Wheels. $5.59 each on 'sale'. So after the gift card I paid $1.27 and donated them to the food pantry xmas drive. 2 kids will get at least 5 Hot Wheels each even if they divide the others I gave into one a piece.

King Soopers has a deal if you buy gift cards you get quadruple gas points. I used my credit card that is giving me 5% back and bought $205 in gift cards - earning $10 and 820 gas points or .80/gal gas or $16 on 20 gallons. I got $100 in Target gift cards for older niece and $15 in ITunes for younger niece. I also got a $50 Target card and $40 in McDonald's cards for me to use in the next year.

Only one more thing to get and my xmas shopping is done. Waiting to see if Coinstar has thier promotion where if you cash in $40 in coins you get a $10 Amazon gift card since I want to purchase the gift from Amazon.

King Soopers is also having another Mega Sale. It's not as good as the last one, but I did get a few deals.

3.00 - 3 Hamburger Helper
-2.10 - 3 .35 q's doubled
.90 - food pantry item

2.97 - 3 Bumbleebee Tuna
-1.50 - mega deal discount
-1.65 - 3 .55 q's
.18 profit

2.19 - Barilla pasta plus
-.50 - Mega deal discount
-2.19 - free item coupon
.50 profit

I finished reading the library book Lake in the Clouds by Sara Donati. Historical fiction - excellent. Her books always suck me in.

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