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December 1st, 2010 at 09:37 pm

I am a huge fan of quantity when it comes to kids gifts. One of my most memorable gifts as a child was in 6th grade. I got the entire series of Nancy Drew books for my birthday - 51 books. For a reader that was a gift beyond my wildest imagination. I read those books over and over and over. It made a huge impression on me. I absolutely loved that gift.

When my nieces were younger I would practice the qift of quantity to great success. One year I gave both of them a huge box of dress-up supplies. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup, wigs, sunglasses, boas, gloves and all kinds of accessories. Big impact. They still talk about it and have numerous pictures of them dressed up in the outfits they put together.

I gave my oldest niece 15 CDs one year using one of those Columbia House membership deals. I gave the youngest one over 100 Polly Pocket items one year - she said she wanted one of everything - I didn't even come close to that goal Smile Then there was the year I gave them a dollhouse kit and accessories for the rooms. We spent several weekends together the next six months building the doll house. They still have it - although many of the accessories have been vacuumed up or eaten by pets.

When they are little it is easy to buy a lot of stuff for a small amount of money. It's impressive to them to get a huge bag full of things. They both talk about my never ending bags of gifts at xmas and bdays.

Now that they are bigger it is much harder to impress with quantity. Just one item on their list is $50 and worse of all they want cash or gift cards. Ah well. To assauge my need to gift quantity I bought 15 Hot Wheels yesterday and will donate them to Toys for Tots. They were .89/each. I would like to see them all go to one child, but I'm sure they won't.

I had to go in town for a dr's appt and stopped at the Elephant Bar to get 4 $25 gift cards for my dad's xmas gift. I got a $20 bonus card for buying the 4 cards, so he will get $120 worth of gift cards for $100. Plus I used my credit card that gives me 5% back on restaurants this month making me $5.

The kidney that was removed did have cancer - so in a way that's good news. I'd have been very upset to find out they took out my kidney and the mass was not cancer. Healing as expected. No signs that the cancer spread anywhere else. I have to get CT scans every 6 months for the next 2 years before they say you are cancer free.

I finishes reading my book Black Hills by Nora Roberts. Mystery/Romance - very good.

4 Responses to “quantity”

  1. marvholly Says:

    I have 4 grands, all at/under 5. Therefore I do 2-3 gifts of a reasonable amount. Then I do a BUNCH of stocking stuffer items like crayons, coloring/painting books, playdoh, $1 store items & stuff I get for FREE.

    Example of FREE:
    I was in a store grand opening Wed. They were passing out small stuffed Kangaroos. I mentioned in passing that I had 4 grands & they gave me 4. I had figgured on 1-2. I was a REAL happy camper.

  2. Aleta Says:

    I bet you're their favorite Aunt. I like Maryholly give a few gifts and little ones seem to love the stocking stuffers the most. The first things my kids would do was to look into their stockings. I get alot of free things too. Publix stores gives away coloring books and crayons. There's alot of free stuff out there.

    I'm glad to hear that you are progressing. Keeping a possitive attitude is half of healing.

  3. Jerry Says:

    That is SUCH a cool gift (the Nancy Drew series) and I am sure that it helped lead you to your passion for reading today. I still remember saving my money for the Hardy Boys books when I was a kid -- because I could check them out at the library, but wanted to OWN my favorites! When I ran out of those, I actually read a few of the Nancy Drew books, as well, but didn't let anyone know about that. Smile I am trying to find some good books for my 5-year-old this year, but we are living overseas and there is no insurance of finding English books very easily (or cheaply). Enjoy your holiday!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    I remember getting the whole set of L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables books one year. Smile And then in 8th grade for graduation, I received a boxed set of Little House books (my second full set of them.) Big Grin

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