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The Margin of Happiness

May 13th, 2008 at 08:22 am

I'm reading a book called The Margin of Happiness The Reward of Thrift by Thetta Quay Franks. It was written in 1917

"Time, money, and health add to living a margin of happiness. The more time and money on can reasonably save, and the more perfect the health, the wider the margin of happiness."

Good quote. After I retire I will have a lot of time to spend as I please. I hope to spend some of that time on improving my overall health. After my living expenses are paid I will have $400 a month as my margin of happiness. This is the money that I have set aside for all other expenses after basic living expenses.

This money will go towards items such as:

jigsaw puzzles
miniature supplies
garden supplies
oil changes
household do-dads
outings with nieces
car registrations

This includes all the little things that make life more enjoyable and is the part of your money that gives you the most enjoyment. I don't get much enjoyment paying utility bills, but it has to be done or I would be miserable thru freezing etc. I do get enjoyment in going to a movie with friends or reading a good book and enjoy spending money on those things.

The difference between paying all your living expenses/bills and the amount of your income is you margin of happines. The margin can be small or large dependinig on your wants. $400 to me is a lot and should more than cover my monthly wants.

In the book the author gives some examples of a low cost balanced meal served at a restaurant.

Tomate Soup .05 cents for 1 cup
Macaroni baked with chees .05 cents for 3 heaping tablespoons
Ice Cream .05 cents for 2 heaping tablespoons
Whole Wheat Bread with butter 2 slices included in the meal.

.15 cents for the meal. I'm not sure how nutritious it is.

She then gives an example of a high cost meal

Tomate Soup .05 cents for 1 cup
Roasted Beef .20 cents 3.5 oz
Creamed Spinach with egg .05 cents for a heaping tablespoon
Ginger Bread .04 cents for 2 oz
Coffee .04 cents for 1 cup
Whole Wheat Bread with butter 2 slices included in the meal.

Cost for the meal is .38 cents

Finished reading the library book Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs. Supernatural. Excellent.

Finished reading my book The Hollow by Nora Roberts. Romance. Excellent. 2nd book in the series. Love the series but now I have to wait till December for the 3rd one to come out.

2 Responses to “The Margin of Happiness”

  1. scfr Says:

    That IS a great quote.

  2. klbb90 Says:

    I like the quote. Iron Kissed was a surprise. I did not expect the assault, though I suppose I should have. I look forward to her next book due in August 2008.

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