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Making 11%

May 4th, 2008 at 01:04 pm

King Soopers is allowing customers to buy Gift cards in increments of $300 (up to $1200) and get 10% more. So you buy a card for $300 and the store puts $330 on the card. There are no experation dates on the cards or fees.

I purchased $1200 worth and recieved 4 cards with $330 each for a total of $1320value and my cost was $1200. I used my credit card for this and will get 1% back from them in cash. So I made 11% on my $1200. This is about a years worth of groceries for me. But I can also use these King Sooper cards to purchase other gift cards that they sell in the store, such as book stores, restaurants, retail stores etc.

I don't think you can beat a safe 11% return on your money from anywhere else. I will pay the credit card off with my savings which were earning 3.05%. I did have a problem paying with the credit card, since it was such a large amount the fraud division kicked it out. I had to call the CC company and get it approved first and then I was able to make the purchase. So if you want to do this you might call your CC company first.

I bought my groceries using one of the cards. Groceries this week were less than $5. I got free 1 lb mini peeled carrots, free cherry tomatoes and free bagged coleslaw. If you are on their mailing list King Soopers sends you coupons about once a month. This month I got a $6 off a $60 purchase, which is very difficult for me to use, since you can't buy gift cards, a lot of times I give these kinds of coupons to my parents. But I also get coupons like .65 cents off carrots, or $1.50 off produce when you buy $5, or $1.50 off dairy when you buy $7. Very good coupons.

I got my stimulus rebate check deposited on Friday. It's just going to savings.

I got two free samples in the mail this week. A box of GM Fiber One cereal and a bottle of Gillete Body Wash.

Found a penny at the library yesterday and picked it up - baselle Smile

I went to two garage sales yesterday. I was late so slim pickings but I did get a brand new 3 roll package of xmas paper. Green foil designs - very pretty for .50 cents.

Finished reading the library book A Slice of Organic Life by Sheherazade Goldsmith. Good.

I also read my book Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts. Romance. Excellent. I love her books especially her dialog. It is so funny and real.

3 Responses to “Making 11%”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    Congrats on the grocery cards!!

  2. dickyvman Says:

    I've never heard of Big scoopers...Is that kroger? The local kroger store is offering the same thing here.

  3. baselle Says:

    Ha ha. A penny at the library, and $120 at the grocery store. It adds up. The only thing that I would caution anyone on (other than hidden fees) with gift cards is that when a store goes bankrupt, the gift cards to the store are worthless. So don't get any Linens and Things or Sharper Image gift cards!

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