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Wendy's splurge

March 7th, 2006 at 09:12 pm

went into work today. Had to work late and my lunch I brought was long gone by the time I finished. So I went to Wendy's on the way home. Not good!

Bought 4 meals worth of food since it all looked so good and I couldn't decide. Got a Mandarin Chicken salad for dinner tomorrow night. Got Chili for dinner the next night. Bought a hamburger and fries for dinner tonight. Got a Turkey and swiss sandwich for lunch tomorrow. This is new for Wendy's, deli sandwiches. The sandwich looks really good. We'll see. Everything except the hamburger and fries was pretty healthy. Spent $16.69

I'm in a mood to not cook recently. I need to get back to preparing meals and eating at home. I think I'm feeling overwhelmed, too much to do, between work and the trip and life. Running as fast as I can right now and still seem to keep falling behind. Need more sleep too.

Finished listening to the library book on tape Shadow of the Giant by Orson Scott Card. Sci/Fi. 4th in series. Very good series.

2 Responses to “Wendy's splurge”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    You really need to try one of the places where you go make meals for a month. Look up Mealmakers, Dinner Station, Dinners On, etc. In two hours you could have a month of dinners! Will really save you money!

  2. retire@50 Says:

    except my sister did it and the whole family hated them, said they didn't taste good. It wouldn't work either because I am hungry after work and it's a 40 min to 1 hour drive home. I need to take something to eat for a snack in the afternoon so I'm not so hungry when I leave work and drive past all the fast food places.

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