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xmas shopping is done

December 16th, 2005 at 07:47 pm

Had the day off for vacation time so met a friend and her child for lunch at Zios. Spent an hour and a half catching up. We exchanged gifts. Her little girl is so cute, she's 4, but she talks so low I have a really hard time hearing her in a noisy restaurant. I got a $20 GC to Barnes and Noble. I exchange tons of books with this friend so she knows that's a good choice for me Smile I bought her 4 new books and her child a My Scene doll with motorcycle, a sticker book and crayons to color the bath with.

I ran errands while I was in town.

Post Office - picked up my package from Yves Rocher. Really liked he 2 cute pine tree candles I ordered. They look great in front of one of my dollhouses. Perfect size.
King Soopers - got a $25 GC for my grandma's xmas present. That's the last one, xmas shopping is complete!
Barnes and Noble - $6.52 had 10% off one item printable coupon
Big Lots - tried to return the coca-cola silverware I bought for my mom's b-day that was missing 3 servings. I had the reciept but they wouldn't refund my money because I had purchased it two months earlier. They said I should have opened the box when I got home and returned it then. I explained about it being a b-day present that had just got opened on Sunday, but they wouldn't budge. That makes me really mad. They ripped me off and won't do anything about it. I don't know about anyone else, but I often buy presents months in advance and put them on a shelf until I need them. I don't open the boxes, unless it's a mail order item and then just to verify I got the right item and it's not broken. Anyways I won't be going back there to shop.
Staples - $68.80 on print refills for all 4 colors and $5 on a No Soliciting sign to put in my door. Had a 12% off coupon that I printed out from online. The print refills come out of my maintenance/repair budget.
Bank - deposited refund checks, added 20.98 to my Extra fund
Zios - $14.82
Sonic - got a $10 gift card for mom to replace the silverware
Red Robin - $50 got two $25 gift cards and got $5 extra for each card. This comes out of my stock up budget
Library - picked up my holds

Total spent this month = $334.92

Got a $5 Media Play certificate in the mail and a $3.62 Walgreens rebate

Finished reading my book Drew by Leigh Greenwood. Romance. Ok popcorn book

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