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cookie decorating

December 10th, 2005 at 09:33 pm

walked with mom for 55 min today, felt good.

Got my haricut, had a $2 off coupon, spent $12
Got some sugar cookie dough and frosting and decorating stuff $17.27
Went to McDonalds for lunch $7.66

Total spent this month = $212.98

I got a Longs rebate in the mail for $10.98
Sold a half.com book for $4

My sister and BIL had a party to go to so they dropped my nieces off at 4. We baked and decorated 48 sugar cookies. We made a paper plate of cookies for my mom and dad, my sister and bil and both girls, 6 plates total. We had a good time. It always amazes me how creative they are. Unfortunately I have a bunch of left over cookie dough that I froze as well as 2 mostly full cans of frosting. Don't have a clue what to do with them since I shouldn't be eating them. Hate to throw them away, but if I keep them I know I'll eventually give in to the temptation. I think I'll ask my mom if she's planning to do anything that needs frosting in the near future.

We ordered the Dominos Pizza 555 deal. 3 pizzas for $5 each. My nieces don't like the same food, ever, so it was just easier to get everyone their own pizza. My sister paid for it. I sent the leftovers of the girls pizza home, but I still have 2 meals of mine left for this week.

We watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone since it was on TV. It's amazing how young those actors look in the first movie. Then we watched one of my old videos, a musical called Bugsy Malone, with a young Scott Baio and Jodie Foster. The kids loved it. I like musicals and have several of them on tape. My oldest niece has gotten very interested in them lately and wants to rewatch all of them.

I finished reading the library book The G-Index Diet by Richard N. Podell. This book was better than the last one I read about the G-Index. It gave a lot more information about what foods you can and can't eat and more ideas on menus, plus a whole chapter on eating out. I figure right now I need to keep researching this to reinforce the things I'm reading.

Here's a website where they have a really cool video of a house with xmas lights that blink in time to music. It takes a bit of time to load. My first thought was someone has way too much time, but I still thought it was neat.


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