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only 1 xmas gift to go

December 4th, 2005 at 05:52 pm

I woke up this morning to blue skies and sun. The snow started to melt so I decided to go in town after all.

Safeway, spent $26.46
Walgreens - $21.10 - will get $10 gc back
Albertson's fuel - $16.06 1.94/gal
Media Play - $101.08 (triple points day so will get 15% back + 4% back on CC) $65.47 of this was for youngest nieces xmas gift. Got her two gameboy games (Narnia and Pokemon), a CD and a Polly Pocket toy. The rest went for 3 books for me and a new CD.
Outback $14.00 - met parents and used 10% off gc, brought half my steak home for another meal.
KMart - $16.10 - a little miffed about this. Yesterday my niece told me she wanted Twister. I wish she had told me earlier. On Thanksgiving day these games were buy one get one free. Even yesterday they were 25% off, but I had to wait to buy them when they were full price Frown Oh well, I do have a $2 rebate for the game and I know she gets something she wants
Barnes and Noble - $6.52 had a 10% off coupon, plus get 10% off with membership card, plus paid with 10% discounted gift cards

That completes my nieces xmas and now I only need to buy a gc at King Soopers for my grandma and I'm done shopping for xmas. Now comes the worst part, wrapping. Smile

Total spent so far this month = $138.79

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