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some people are so rude - ranting ahead

December 10th, 2010 at 09:00 pm

It makes it hard for polite people to know how to handle them. My dad's sister came to my brother's funeral from Florida. She plans to buy my brother's truck, so met my parents at his house today. My dad knows what she's like so he went out earlier this week and cleaned out everything left that he knew he wanted. She basically asked him to give her everything that was left.

She even wanted him to take out the built in dishwasher and swap it for her daughter's broken down dishwasher. He did tell her no on that one. But she wants the refrigerator, the washer and dryer and all the loose things that my parents had put aside to put in a garage sale sometime next year. She said she would buy the refrigerator and washer and dryer, but she didn't bring enough money to buy the truck, so who knows. The only reason she wants the other stuff is to put it in a garage sale and keep the proceeds. To me it's very rude, but my parents just can't say no. I don't know if she plans to have a garage sale here before she goes back or what. The truck and appliances are for her daughter's house. It would be pretty expensive to ship the rest of the stuff to Florida. It's pretty cold to be having a garage sale.

My niece may lose her license because of the wreck. My sister needs to get a lawyer to fight the amount of points because it's too many. The road was a side road - 30 mph. When my dad went to get her, he had her take the car back to his house and then took her to school. A cop went to her school and yanked her out of class to talk to her about the accident. I guess he was pretty rough. I'm not sure they are allowed to be alone with a minor to ask her questions, but he did it. I'm surprised the school didn't say anything. Anyways he's charging her with leaving the scene of the crime. She left a note on the post before leaving and dad and my sister went back later to talk to the people. The cop saw the note and took it as her trying to get out of reporting the accident, but she left it after they called the cops. Anyways it more money for my sister to shell out and she's hurting right now because the husband isn't paying any of the bills while they are waiting their court date. Which I think really stinks, since his kid still lives in the house and needs food/shelter/heat etc. And he plans to get half the equity in the house.

He cashed in his 401K to buy a motorcycle, what a jerk. That's a 10% penalty plus a 35% state/federal tax rate because it's on the margin and I'm not sure that since they are still married, she may be liable for part of those taxes. And of course a motorcycle is more important than paying some of your bills. Then he tells the girls he's poor making them feel sorry for him. I don't say anything to them about him, I hope they eventually see what is happening. My sister doesn't say anything bad either, she just gives her side of the story. She rants a lot to me and mom though and I don't blame her.

I finished reading the library book Chains of Ice by Christina Dodd. Paranormal - pretty good.

5 Responses to “some people are so rude - ranting ahead ”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:

    She sounds very rude and self-centered, trying to eek a profit for herself from your brother's belongings. I'm sorry.

  2. momcents Says:

    I am sorry that you have to deal with people like this. And I'm sorry for your sister's situation, too.

  3. Homebody Says:

    Wait this woman has no claim on anything. Just say NO!
    Death brings out the worst in people.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Wow! How do people get so pushy? I don't get people like that.

    I am also so sorry your sister is dealing with such a jerk of husband. Getting a motorcycle with your 401K is really stupid. Unfortunately, I have to say my sister has made similar stupid moves with money. I don't get that either.

  5. Aleta Says:

    I'm sorry for what you're going through. It might be easier for your father to appoint someone else to be over these things. I don't know if you're up to it but you might be able to tell his sister that you and the family needs to satisfy debts that are owed and that you can't donate the items until you have a chance to try to sell them first. Tell her when she has the money that she can come back and get the truck. My Mom had a similiar situation when her brother passed away and a niece wanted his car (an older one). Same story didn't have enough money at the time. It's just rude that your Dad or you for that matter has to deal with this right now.

    I hope everything works out for your sister and the daughter.

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