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lazy sunday

December 18th, 2005 at 08:02 pm

Spent 1.25 on a newspaper.

Total spent this month = $336.17

Redeemed my points at Citi card for two $50 GCs to Barnes and Noble

Fixed the turkey I got in the SHARE package yesterday, it was good, had boiled potatoes, green beans and two rolls with it and had a small piece of the apple pie for dessert. All very good. I have enough turkey for about 10 more meals. I think I'll try to find a turkey noodle soup recipe to try out. I had an excellent chicken noodle soup that I got at Souper Salad last time I went.

Sold another book at half com for 2.50

2 Responses to “lazy sunday”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Have you read the book 'Stop Working...Start Living' by Dianne Nahirny? It's a really good read and when I read your journal, if reminds me of her book. She retired at 36 with a paid off house and retirement funds in place...I wish!

  2. Dan Ryan Says:

    Great site..... I am 8 month's from 50. And I gotta get out of this Mind numbing soul eating ,existence called a JOB. I have a house in Toronto
    a wife and 2 kids. and 2 cars and 2 jobs . I am very tired I want to paint pictures and sleep. My house is paid for and my cars. I am going to quit very soon. I have almost a million bucks in net worth should be enough maybe I will work part time ...but first I will sleep for 3 months. I will keep reading your great site Cheers Dan

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